Clever Orbits – The Force Awakens (Star Wars Episode VII)

In a stunning twist, Louis, Richard, and Tyler turn to discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Clever Orbits: your favorite podcast about sci-fi franchises that start with ST. Featuring guest star Steve Guertin!

Clever Orbits – The Omega Directive (Star Trek: Voyager S4E21)

The true goal of the Borg is revealed! Tom Paris has crazy hair! Why is the ship’s chef involved in a high-risk engineering project? Louis and Richard discuss these issues and more in our discussion of The Omega Directive.

Clever Orbits – Stranger Things II

Louis, Tyler, and special guest star (writer, filmmaker, and actor) Frank J. Kim unearth subtle secrets and magnificent mysteries of plot, character, theme, and tiny details in seasons 1 and 2 of the epic show Stranger Things.
Check out Frank’s YouTube series Heroes & Halfwits here.

Clever Orbits – The Raven (Star Trek: Voyager S4E6)

Louis, Tyler and Richard discuss Voyager episode The Raven. How does Voyager stack up after seeing Discovery? This is part of an ongoing series examining all the Borg episodes and movies: you can hear the rest when we release our backlog!